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Aiptasia genome downloads

Version 1.0

Open access PNAS publication (main text, supplemental information, supplemental data)

Sequence file MD5 hash
Genome scaffolds 54b3a53c373a45d6d717acf23233d6e5
Gene models d8b5b13253c9f6507d9f34b751622c44
Proteins 75bc543f3958ddadd764254dd30095ef
GFF3 file for gene models 265016de252fb138d0bbd89f902ad8fb
Annotations for gene models a62df32bebe910bc0cf54062023d2325

Version 1.1

This is the version submitted to NCBI (Aiptasia @ NCBI).
Their automated system has changed our original gene IDs.
Check out the 1-to-1 mapping file (AIPGENExxxxx <--> KXJxxxxx) to bridge ID differences between versions!

Sequence file MD5 hash
Genome scaffolds fd3a434269090964884157e662b61b64
Proteins 21dc9d117be494104a770e17df1f9372
GFF3 file for gene models 3a5f9181d45bec758ff377b675f3c0ec
1-to-1 mapping of AIPGENEs to KXJs f02c5e0b6c474eb568c639ec5b8fdc84